Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising?

Hello everyone!

I graduated from UC Davis in California a few years ago and was trying to find organizations or institutions that provide pre-med or pre-health advising for those individuals who have already graduated.

    I am located in the Bay Area, CA and know that UC Berkeley Extension offers pre-med advising services ONLY for students in their post-bacc program.
      I started searching online and found a former admissions committee member for Stanford who runs her own private consulting business and offers advising but costs about $350-400/hr (min. 2 hours).

      Other than that I wanted to find out if others had experience (where, when, how) with professional pre-med/health advising in helping applying and prepare for med school application.

      For now I will utilize awesome forums like to receive peer feedback, thanks!

      I second the prior post – Judy is wonderful. If you’re interested in chatting with her informally, she will be presenting at the upcoming OPM conference in Los Angeles in June. I highly recommend the conference if you can make it. It’s a great place to learn, network, and also have a good time.

      In terms of other pre-health advising, as far as I know, unless you pay someone privately (like Judy), most advising is done within a program or within a specific school.

      Some schools provide advising to Alumni and you should check. Additionally, there are many “private” advisers (although Judy is definitely the “Grand Dame” for nontrads.). Also, the NAAHP used to list volunteer advisers on their site but I am unsure if they still do. If you need some specific recommendations, shoot me a note

      Judy is well known amongst this group and, to my knowledge, very well respected. I called her myself before jumping off the pre-med cliff into the pre-med app cycle sea.