Pre-med Pre-reqs

Hi everyone,

Since I decided to take my pre-reqs at the State Uni I graduated from, I am using this medium to request everyone’s advice and recommendation on how to begin/take my pre-reqs (BCOP-Biology, Chemistry, O-Chem, Physics). I know it’s pretty early since Spring semester begins in 4 months, but the class schedule will be out next month and I would like to get started so I can register early.

Thanks for your thoughts.

One of my recommendations is to avoid taking organic chemistry and physics at the same time. They are both very time-intensive courses, and so if you can take them separately, you will be able to devote more energy to them individually. I was able to avoid this by taking physics my first post-bac year and orgo this year (my second post-bac year), but I have friends who are taking (or have taken) them simultaneously and are struggling with the time commitment to do well in each course.

This is not to say it can’t be done … but I think taking them separately gives you a better chance of doing well in each. Just my two cents.

Best wishes to you as you begin your coursework! Keep us all posted on how things go!

Ochem I and Physics I wont be that bad if you are a good student and dont have any math issues. However Ochem II and Physics II can be much more difficult as the second semester of each course can be up several notches in workload, concepts, etc. And I say that as someone who thought physics was the easiest of all prereqs I took (here’s the formula, here’s the variables from the word problem, here’s the one your missing, here’s the algebra, your done)

As a Bio TA, I really recommend you take Gen Chem before Bio if you can swing it/have the time; if not then take them together at least.

What is your target schedule for applying?

How long since you were in school/how nervous are you about classes?

Are there course constraints, e.g. Bio only offered in sequence etc.?

I agree with Mesclun that it’s helpful to take gen chem before taking bio. Also if your math is rusty, and/or it’s not your best subject, I’d recommend a refresher course before diving into physics or gen chem. I really wish I would have started off with a math refresher. I think my chem grades would have benefited from that.

Thank you all for your advice. I graduated last December. I took 2 intro chem classes before getting into the nursing program and did very well in them. I do not have a problem with math since i enjoy it as a subject. I took some biology classes required for pre-nursing and only had a problem understanding the physiology teacher.

I am nervous about taking the classes as well as excited because I have come to accept the fate that medicine is actually where i need to be. Please keep posting your advices/recommendations, they will truly be beneficial. Thanks a lot.