Pre-med survival advise needed

Hey! I did it! Took me six months to gather all the paper work, tests, TOEFL scores, etc… but I am starting pre-med as a post-bacc at Georgia State University this summer. I read somewhere that someone had great pre-med survival advise posted previously, but couldn’t find it. Does anyone have any expertise to share? I will be starting with Physics because Chem in the summer conflicted too bad with my work schedule…

Love you all.


Hi! I am actually in the postbac premed program at GSU. How exciting!!! I will be taking orgo chem and orgo lab this summer. I am also taking Kaplan MCAT Test prep course this summer. I know it sounds like a full load and it definitely is, but I am just thrilled! :slight_smile:

The pre-med survival advise I can give is to make sure that you stay on top of your assignments and read the books for each science course. This not only helps with performing well in the course but it helps prepare you for the MCAT. That way by the time you have completed the courses and begin the MCAT preparation you will only have to refresh your memory on the concepts instead of trying to learn them.

I have gotten excellent grades in my courses, however I have found that physics is my biggest challenge. I really have to study extra and work problems constantly because the profs are just not very helpful with explaining the material well. The good thing is that GSU has a physics lab for students that need extra help with the course.

I hope this helps! Good luck with everything! :slight_smile:

No negative self talk. I have found it crushing to my motivation when well meaning people say, “How are you doing that all of it? Aren’t you tired?” No, I am not tired, but, maybe I should be? It really is all in your mind. Good time management. I invested in a Franklin Covey planner and it is my life. I am rarely stressed out now that my life is written in a planner. I have my ID and Credit Cards in it so that it goes EVERYWHERE with me. Now I don’t forget assignments.

That is Kimberly’s tip o’ the day!