Pre-med with a concern

Good afternoon folks,

I’ll try to make this as short as possible

I am a little worried, when I started my post-bacc a year and half ago, I started off taking really light loads (first semester took Gen chem 1 with lab, second semester took only orgo 1, I got 4.0 and 3.8)… The 2 semesters afterwards, I took 16 credits and 17 credits (currently taking the 17 credits)…

My postbacc GPA so far is about a 3.8

Im just worried about what med schools would say about my first 2 light semesters, I mean, the only reason why I did that was because I was working a fulltime job as a software engineer, it was REALLY REALLY hard for me to get any kind of flexable schedual to accomodate my work and school life… After the 2 light semesters went well, I quit my job and started fulltime into school…

do you guys think med schools are going to grill me on this issue ?

You are fine. Most nonTrads who are career changers do the same thing. Work full time and take a very light load of classes in the beginning.

Do not worry. This is not frowned upon. As long as you did well.

You’re fine. I never did quit and go full-time until I was admitted to med school. You’re getting great grades and you even have some full-time enrollment now. Relax; you’re doing well.