Pre Post Bacc ahhh

Hi Folks,

I am a 30 year old professional who has decided to make a huge career change and go to med school. Specifically I would like to get my MD in Psychiatry. Here’s the fun part. I received a B.A. in liberal arts in 2002 with essentially no science or math requirements.

I understand that I need to go to a very good Post Bacc to up my gpa as well as complete the pre-med science requirements.

On top of that I feel I need to take refresher courses in algebra, and pre calc.

So with all this being said I feel like I am pre- post bacc canidate. Ha!

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of objectives, or a checklist online that helps organize all these steps to completed before applying to med school?

Thanks- and keep your fingers crossed for me!

Michael Louis

I too have a liberal arts degree and have spent my nights for the past two years getting all of my pre-reqs in order. I would suggest looking at the websites of the medical schools you’re interested in and see what they specifically recommend. Most have a link in their “admissions” section that will tell you exactly what they require and additionally what they might recommend. Most all schools will require 2 semesters each (including lab) of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. These are also the science topics covered on the MCAT, so these 4 courses are crucial.

You should also take into consideration any GPA repair that you might need to do, depending on your situation. More classes (provided you make A’s of course) means a higher GPA.

I’m sure there are several posts about this elsewhere on the board, but this is just my quick response. Good luck!