Pre-req course requirements for each school

Hi All,

I am a non-traditional pre-med. I am 35 years old and concerned about spending too many years on pre-requisite courses. I need to decide what pre-reqs courses to prioritize.I have seen that each medical school has its own list of pre-requisite coursework. For example some schools require 1 semester of stats while others require one year of math including calculus. Some require genetics , while others don’t. My question is : Can I apply to a school if I have some but not all of the listed pre-req’s for that particular school.


To answer your question, no. A school will require you to have taken their predetermined prereqs in order to be qualified for matriculation. Some schools will allow for substitution of classes with overlapping concepts, but it is best to call these schools to ensure that you are still eligible to apply.

If a school requires calculus, it requires calculus. Ensure that you are following the prereqs to a tee when deciding what to take, based on your school list that you create.