Pre-reqs at community college?

Hi again,

I was looking through the website of the school where I want to take pre-reqs and conveniently none of them offer evening classes. (I work full time) and no, I cannot work part time or “take some time off”…

What have people said about taking courses at a community college? is that frowned upon? Do adcoms not accept CC credits? (I have a degree from a 4yr)

Should I even bother looking into CC? Any advice would help a lot.


the issue has been discussed at length and a search on the forum will probably provide you a better idea.

Generally, it is advised to go 4y, but when you can’t then go CC. A’s are a must obviously and you have to ace the MCAT (you kind of have more pressure to do so, showing that your background is as good as, or better than 4y university students).

Pre-reqs from CC are better than no pre-reqs.

thanks, ill look for the CC posts.

I’m in the middle of transferring from a cc to a 4yr for the very reason of science pre-reqs taken at a cc not being viewed favorably. I figure, better safe than sorry. Besides, I think the adcoms may see it as proving a lot about your dedication, to face a challenge like this and choose the more sound but uncomfortable option.

Hi, Putnam.

I took my prereqs at community college, and I had no problems during the application process. I recognize that I may have limited my options a little bit, but I had no choice. There was no way I could have afforded to take prereqs at a 4-year since I am in CA and doing so would have been prohibitively expensive. Not only that, but there was no way I could have afforded taking classes at the 4-year during the day and paying for childcare. It was one or the other. So, I did my best with CC prereqs and doing summer classes at the 4 year. I don’t think that schools want to see how uncomfortable you can make yourself during this process. No one wins that way. However, I suggest doing well at the CC, taking some upper levels at the 4 year (I did this), and using the money you saved to take a prep course for the MCAT and using the MCAT to show that you are just as capable as everyone else. Again, it may limit your options. You may want to call the schools to ask how it will be viewed. Community college never came up in any of my interviews, but I also got As in pretty much every class and had a great MCAT score, so its not an application killer.

Keep in mind, though, that CC’s in CA are regarded a little differently than CC’s in other places.