Pre-reqs from a community college

Is there an medical school bias against us non-trads going to a community college for some/all of the pre-reqs? Anyone out there been successful at gaining admission with pre-reqs from a c.c.?

Okay, I was accepted to WVSOM to the class of 2007. While I finished my undergrad degree at a 4-year state university, 2 of those years were spent at a community college.
In those two years my courses included my general chemistry requirements, my physics requirements, and half of my organic chem requirements.
I think the most important thing to do is to do well on your courses, and then perform well on the MCAT. If you can add some upper level courses from a 4-year university and do well on them as well, then the earlier community college courses should retain their value.
My $0.02 worth. rolleyes.gif

Hmmm…I just emailed the Director of Admissions at my top-choice in-state school (University of Wisconsin) with this exact same question on Wednesday. I'm still waiting for an answer…I'll let you know when I get one.
On another note, I've seen several postings on SDN where people had applied with prereqs from a cc and were rejected with the reason that the school didn't accept them-they needed to be done at a four-year. If I can remember correctly, the schools referenced were Wake Forest, Duke, and Johns Hopkins. You probably will want to do as I did-ask the schools that you're interested in directly.
I'm currently registered with my local cc for this upcoming fall (going on faith here since it's part of the University of Wisconsin system and my classes are guaranteed to transfer to a four-year campus), but if a negative answer comes back I'll have to scramble and try to get into UW-Milwaukee. Sucks but it's the game we've all gotta play! Good luck.