I want to apply to the UIC Medical Program since it’s the cheapest around my area and well, is in my area. I am taking my post-bacc classes at a local community college. These are the classes I have left:

One courses of general biological sciences or equivalent with laboratory.

Two courses of organic chemistry with an accompanying laboratory.

One course of advanced-level biology (must be at least a 200 level course)

Here is my predicament. The community college in my district doesn’t offer any 200 level classes. The college in my neighboring district does. However, what my district calls Anatomy 161, the other district calls it Anatomy I 214. I’m assuming its the same class (since they are both intro classes.) Does anyone know how schools differentiate between these two? I would hate to spend 3 times more a credit hour just because the course number is different.

Has anyone run into this problem?

I would suggest reading the course description and syllabus for each course. Also check with an advisor at each school to see how these are transferred to a 4 year school (similar class at the 200 level). I know that some states have a list of community college equivalent course number for 4 year schools. Check with the med school you want to go to to see if the course in your district would be acceptable.

Thank you Corewr - you answered my question. Turns out the Anatomy course at my community college is the equivalent of a 200 level course at UIC!!! I didn’t even realize that my community college had the transfer course equivalents right on the website.

Thanks so much.