Precal at a CC/Post-bacs in DC

Hello all!

I have been a lurker on the boards for some time, became a registered user, and have attended an OPM conference (which I got a great deal of information and inspiration from). I am writing to get your thoughts on whether or not it is ok to take Precal at a CC if I take Calculus and all science pre-requisites at a four-year university. I could take Precal at a CC this semester, would follow-up with Calculus Fall 2012 at a four-year university (- Calc is not offered in the evening in the summer in any of our local four year universities - ), and begin the Sciences in the Evening Program at U of MD in Spring 2013. - I know that ADCOMMS want to see pre-reqs taken at four- year universities, but will it matter too much if there is one course from a CC? I should mention that part of my concern is that I am not in my 20s (or 30s) and I know that I fall into a demographic in which medical schools are statistically much less likely to consider you even if your MCAT and gpa(s) are competitive. If I don’t take Precal at the CC this semester, I would take it next fall at a four-yr institution, take Calc also at a four-yr institution in the Spring and then begin the Science in the Evening science courses in Fall 2013. (I’d lose a semester by not taking Pre-Cal and Calc before the end of this year in order to start the science courses next Spring.) I have a B.A. in Anthropology (3.6 gpa), and an MA in Development Studies (international development, 3.2 gpa). My undergrad gpa is a little higher than 3.6, as I took some post-bac classes after graduating and got 4.0s in them (although these weren’t the science pre-reqs I need).

Alittle more about me: I have raised my son, since he was very young, as a single parent, while I worked full-time and finished my undergrad and grad degrees. My grad degree program was a once in a lifetime opportunity; I successfully competed for a scholarship which allowed me to pursue my degree abroad. My son had the very memorable experience of living abroad as a young teenager. I had thought that upon returning to the states, I would begin working on my undergrad pre-reqs to apply to medical school (just as he entered his late teens and was ready to pursue his own dreams), but my son experienced significant health problems a few years ago, and I needed to put those plans on hold. He is now doing well, has been in the clear for a reassuring length of time, and is excited to be making his plans for the future. I now have the opportunity to put my plan into action. If I do not get admitted, there would be disappointment, but I think there would be far, far more disappointment if I don’t take the plunge and try.

In addition to my pre-Calc question, I have a couple of follow-up questions. I have attended the UMD Sciences in the Evening information session and spoken with the staff of the American University program. For logistical reasons, these two programs make the most sense for me - the former has an organized, sequential evening program and the latter is close to me which would make coordinating it with responsibilities easier. Does anyone know about the quality of these programs? Also, it was interesting - staff from the two programs seemed to have different philosophies: one said that ADCOMMS will not take you seriously unless you take two classes per semester; the other indicated that taking two classes while working full time is not a smart move as it doesn’t set a student up for sucess. (Funny that their two takes were completely different.)

Well, thanks in advance for any comments, and I hope to make it to Orlando this summer. Am really looking foward to it.

I haven’t been accepted to medical school yet, but have read quite a bit on this board about people who have, so I feel like I could give you an answer.

I really don’t think it matters if you take a few classes at a community college. I took both Biology I and Chemistry I at a community college before transferring to a university and Im not really that worried about it. I think they are more concerned about people whose classes are ALL at a community college. But then again, some people who take all of their classes at a CC can get in too.

TLDR? It really doesn’t matter if you take one class at a CC. What matters more is your overall application - GPA, MCAT, extracurricular stuff, etc.

Thanks sadako12…appreciate it, and yes it was too long. Should have stopped myself before posting. lol