precalculus placement

I am taking all the science credits with lab at a traditional college.

Is it ok for me to test out of precalculus with CLEP? This is a pre-req for the physics class I want to take at a University college. Also, how does my grade at a placement class affect my overall GPA? I called the college and asked them, they said that this would not show up on my transcript. I want to ensure that that is generally the case with all Medical schools.

Can anyone tell me if this is a good idea or otherwise? Thank you.

Have no idea on whether CLEP is a good idea or not but I did check schools I’m thinking about to see what math requirements they have.

Two require calculus.

One requires something above college-algebra. In that case, a CLEP score would NOT suffice.

The remainder do NOT require math (but the physics sequences do).

Check the schools you are interested in. If they DO require a class, I’m guessing CLEP will NOT be sufficient. If they do NOT require it, then it’s up to you, apparently.

In any case, a CLEP score does not compute into your overall GPA.

If it were me facing this decision, and I am not, I would take the class instead of testing out of it. GPA points and A’s count more for me than time. But my situation may vary vastly from yours.

  1. Does the med school you plan on apply to require Calculus?

  2. Does the school your going to accept CLEP? I only ask because the school I’m transferring to does not, but the community college I’m currently attending does, abet as restricted transfer credit. (no grade, just listed as a Pass)

  3. If your really confident in you math skills does the school have a course challenge policy, keep in mind most schools have varying requirements to challenge a course; consult your catalog.

  4. Ask your academic advisor.