Premed or AA?

Hey everyone, I’m brand new here and I have been browsing some of the posts, I think this site is such an amazingly valuable tool!

I am 26, married with two kids, I was pursuing a career in religious education and in the middle of a masters in counseling degree. I had an early life crisis, and my old love flared up again; medicine. My dad is an anesthesiologist my uncle a pediatrician my father in law an allergist and his father an oncologist… It just felt like a natural thing.

I was thinking about anesthesia, however i’m getting a little daunted by the length of time and the financial and potential geographic upheaval. I started getting very interested in anesthesia assistant as an answer to these issues and was wondering if anyone could share some of their wisdom and similar struggles.

Thanks everyone for their time and again what a great site!

Welcome to OPM! I, too, have found this site to be invaluable. I’m glad you’re finding it to be a good resource as well.

I wasn’t familiar with what an AA did, so I just Googled it. Sounds like their job is similar to that of a CRNA. Basically doing many of the same anesthesia procedures as a physician, but under the supervision of an MD.

The question is, in my opinion, less about AA vs. MD and more about: do you want to be a physician? And mind you, there are positive things about being a physician (i.e. the depth of understanding of medicine), but there are also negatives (i.e. the long hours). You have to weigh those against your personal goals and personal situation and make a decision. That’s my perspective, at least.

Best of luck to you!

CRNAs (specialized, advance practice RNs) vs AAs (specialized PAs (part B PAs which are different than part A PAs most people recognize) and are only recognized by a limited number of states) vs Anesthesiologists (specialized MDs and DOs). All three groups have been waging a turf war with each other for many years. Your best insight into this is probably your dad, the anesthesiologist.