prep class question

hello this is my first post a little about me i am 32 live in ohio nd going for an undergrad degree in forensics. my question is i need to take toxicology and serology and i am wondering if they will do anything to help me get into med school. thanks for any help.

Hi there,
If you do well in the courses, they will help your GPA. They will also help you as a medical student and physician as they are clinically oriented. There isn’t much on the MCAT that deals with serology and toxicology but any practice doing well in coursework is good practice for the MCAT.
Good luck with your courses and welcome to the group!
(I am in Westlake, a burb of Cleveland)

Thanks for the info. Westlake that’s cool I was just at Eastlake for a police convention we had a county medical examiner talking about gun shot wounds. Morbid but very interesting.