Prep Course Options?

Anyone have suggestions on prep course options, meaning Kaplan versus others?

Also has anyone done the private tutoring option, and if so what was your experience with that?

I am enrolled in Kaplan, online, live. In going through the 2014 Kaplan in similar fashion, I DO believe in the method, manner, and delivery of the product.

There are so many tips/tricks/hints given by the instructors to make the MCAT a friendlier beast. In addition to the online class, there are videos to watch to shore up discrepancies in knowledge or understanding, reiteration of how to dissect a passage (don’t read all that crap), etc.

As for private tutoring, Kaplan instructors will hint around this during class in private chat. I never used it as I am self-motivated enough to just do what I’m supposed to do for every class and then the extra required to boost my score.

Despite that I want a 516+ score, I will not pay for the private tutoring.

Last, I’ve asked the forum admin to consider putting additional sections under the MCAT space for the different sections on the MCAT:





I was thinking that might be a place for others to come with questions on material/content and for yet others to answer …

Anyway - did you take the diagnostic yet?

I did the Kaplan On-Demand after being out of school for most of the prereqs for 10 years. If I had to do it all over again, I would go with Kaplan again. I don’t have any basis of comparison to any other program.