Preparation for Medical School

I’m curious as to how others have dealt with everything leading up to starting school - especially those that have relocated.
At this point I am still awaiting decisions from 2 other schools… one semi-local and one further away… I am planning on attending (at this point) LECOM-B, which is the first school I was accepted at… It is in FL and I am in NC.
Right now,
My husband has a job here, my children are in school here, and my house is on the market.
If/When school starts (in July) I will have to be living in FL, my kids will need to be in school there, my house needs to be sold and my possessions moved, and my husband needs to find a job there.
I’m interested in hearing others’ experiences in making this transition and accomplishing all of these what seem to be overwhelmingly large tasks.

I am right there with you! My house is also on the market, my husband is on the job search and I am desperately seeking childcare for my infant son. Not to mention trying to get a new house, etc.
At this point, I have found a small condo to rent which will due unitl we locate more permanant housing. We were fortunate to find a nice location that will allow a flexible lease and will allow us to bring our 2 cats. My husband (works in IT) had an interview with the hospital last week, but we are still waiting for a job offer. Our house has been sitting on the market, but with our Iowa winter now behind us, I hope things will move along.
I don’t have a lot of advice for you, just wanted to let you know that I am in the same situation. We have set a “going no matter what” date of June 1. I try to keep the attitude that everything will work out in the end.
In my mind, leaving is scary, but going is very exciting. I try to focus on the “going” part. Good luck!
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it sounds like you’re way ahead of me… hubby isn’t yet looking for a job because we don’t have conclusive answers from all of the schools that I’ve applied to/interviewed at… there’s one not terribly far away… so if I got into that one, it would make a big difference…
We are hoping that our kids will be able to finish the school year here… which ends on June 10th. I would love to be ready to go by then… but who knows…
I think I’m with you though on the temporary housing… I think we’re going to look in an area where we’ve scoped out the schools and try to buy also in that area.
good luck with your adventures and keep me posted.

I had a bit of a head start since I was accepted for last year and deferred. I was pregnant at the time and decided to take the year off with my son, rather than put a 4 week old in daycare.
As our moving date approaches, I am getting nervous! I would feel much better if we had sold our house or if my husband had found a job. We are also having to make the decision as to where to enroll our daughter in kindergarten. We are renting in one town, but hope to find a permant home in a small town outside of the city. At this point it is hard to know when that will happen. We will probably open enroll her in the small town, since I don’t want her to have to switch schools part-way through the year.
Good luck to you and keep us posted on your acceptances!

I had a pretty wild ride - my daughter was born at 25 weeks and the following week I had an interview (which I reschedule) and got in to TUCOM. My daughter was discharged 3 months later…during that time we had to find an apartment to live in since we lived in Arizona and she was born in California, go on leave from our jobs, and make arrangements for our entire life (cats, dogs, house sitting, etc). So our whole life was tossed upside down. We sold our house and purchased a home in Fairfield and will FINALLY start getting back to a normal life here in the next month or two. The hard part was living moment to moment during the first month and the eventually day to day as she matured- tubes and all. So I got accepted to medical school, wife and child were in the hospital and we were stranded in another State - it has been one heck of an experience. But, I am going to be a doctor and everyone survived - life is good!!!

Okay, relocating with family, etc. Whew! Needless to say, it was a big shock for me and my family, not just the moving, but the cultural shock. I had not been to England before and expected it to be more or less like the US, only more conservative with cool, old buildings. WRONG!! The differences in climate and culture have been a ride. I think its really hard on the kids. I have a purpose here, but due to finances, they are “deprived” of their usual movies, trips to the local pizza joint, no cable TV, etc, that they had become accustomed to, and are complaining mightily! Oh, and let me blow the stereotype of uptight, rigid British schooling. The kids here, even young ones, cuss like sailors, all over, in front of adults, all the time. Every age male, pre-teen to oldster, seems to sport an earring, the favorite female hair color is somewhere between carrot and fire engine red, and until I get to Bubba’s in London for BBQ, I don’t expect anymore to find a good meal! The kids are always dying to go to McDonald’s for a “culture” fix, which doesn’t happen, because I refuse to pay $20 for 2 Happy meals!! I think WHEREEVER you go, just get your home in order, make your kids as comfortable as possible, and at least you will have that sanctuary to come home to when you need rest or want to study at home. The good thing is, you’ll still be in the States (home!) and most things won’t be unfamiliar to the kids. Good luck in your studies!