Prereq courses advice

I will be taking my prereqs over the next 2 yrs (DIY) while continuing to work. I plan to take two courses each fall and spring semester. I have taken biology,zoology, general chem,bio organic chem, microbioloigy, anatomy, physiology, stats and nutrition in my undergrad earning all As. But I graduated from undergrad in 1983, ouch!
I plan to take Chem 1&2, physics 1&2, Organic Chem 1&2 and genetics as well as one other bio course. I have talked to medical schools and they suggest to just take what I need to do well on the MCAT. Any suggestions for the bio class, cell bio? Which 2 courses should I take together?(What sequence) Obviously, I will take Chem 1&2 before Orgo 1&2.
Thanks! I appreciate any advice.

Hey there.
I’m doing basically the same, I took 1 semester of general bio (they called it cellular and micro-biology, it’s the second semester of the general bio sequence). I’m now taking Gen Chem I and the first semester of anatomy/phys, I’ll take the second semester of anatomy/phys in the fall, along with a microbiology course.
I’ll be taking Gen Chem II, Org I and II, and possibly physics I and II on weekends through a college nearby - they offer the classes Sat/Sun for 4 weeks, 1 class a month only.
One bit of advice I will offer now (that I didn’t follow) is to take the MCAT after proper preparation. I didn’t (I scored OK considering, but since the scores came out tonight I think I may be taking them again after O-Chem).

This is one major issue with many non-trads assuming that they can do well on the MCAT w/o proper preparation and not matter how many times we preach it (being prepared is priceless) it is often times like preaching to the choir. I think that taking the MCAT w/o ALL the pre-reqs and w/o knowing the huge amount of time that you NEED to put into it is plain irresponsible. I am glad that most of you are seeing the light and taking your time, guess what medical school WILL be there for you no matter WHAT age…one year or two or even three will make no difference.

As I was typing late last night, I maded an error in the above post. I graduated high school 1983, undergrad 1987, and grad school 1995. Geez I can’t believe I made myself older than I am!

Like I would notice, Shirl! (graduated h.s. 1973, college 1978)

Thanks for your resposes. Any specific suggestions regarding which bio courses to take? How about which courses to take together? I was thinking Chem 1 & bio course,Chem 2& bio course ? genetics, Orgo 1 & Physics 1, and Orgo 2 and physics 2. I am thinking it would be the most helpful to have o chem and physics closest to the MCAT. any thoughts? Of course, I would rather just take all bio courses (LOL).

cell and molecu was very helpful for me come mcat time.


Of course, I would rather just take all bio courses (LOL).

Hey Shirl don’t fret about the chem and physics courses. Because there were problems to be solved in them (as opposed to bio which was generally facts to be learned) I actually found them MORE fun and interesting than the bio classes - that was not my expectation and it was a serendipitous finding along the way.

Thanks for the encouragement. It is just that I have always been more drawn to the biological sciences. However, I do like solving problems, so chem and physics should provide me with plenty of opportunities.