Prereq Timeline advice

Hi all! I’ve recently (finally) made the decision to go to med school. However, I need to complete a handful of prereq’s (chemistry, o chem, physics) that were not part of my undergrad degree program before being able to apply. I graduated with a BS 2 years ago, and I’m wondering what the best route/timeline for me to begin these prereqs is. I have the option to start in one month (Aug 2021-it is currently July 2021) or to delay and begin these courses in Jan 2022. How does this affect my med school application timeline? I am currently 24…is there a major rush to start ASAP? Or should I take my time and wait until Jan to jump back into school? (Allowing me to adjust for the upcoming big life changes)

As my mother would always say, “you have your whole life to work.”
Do whatever you feel is right at the end of the day, but If it’s rushing your application and causing you not to put together a great app, then wait another year and don’t risk ruining your app. It would also grant you time to build up other areas on your application, such as shadowing, volunteer, personal statement work, clinical experience, MCAT, etc., that you also need to apply. Take that time and watch Dr. Gray’s videos, talk to others, and get more information to help you answer these questions and allow some adjusting, as you had mentioned. There is no rush to start at all, take the time to be prepared then apply; you’ve got this!

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