Presse - How's it going at U of Sherbrooke?

Hi Ron

I just thought I would wish you a Happy New Year and ask how Med School at the Universite de Sherbrooke is going?

Hope all is well.


Hello Lynda

Happy new year to yourself as well, and to all forum members too!

The first semester has gone by, it was a lot of work, more work than I had expected, but I have come out of it with good grades, and a bit closer to an MD degree :slight_smile:

Late in December, our class was treated to a 3 week ‘clinical immersion program’. I was assigned to a regional 200 bed hospital near my home town and it was absolutely great. We were encouraged to see patients, nurses and doctors up close - and that we did! We got to check in on several specialties including: Emergency, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics, Pathology, Surgery, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Family, Palliative, Long term care, and more.

Were I not in my 50s, I think I know which specialty I would strive for - Anesthesiology (OMD turf!); things being what they are, we’ll have to wait and see what I can make of that interest in due time!

Classes for the winter semester started just a few days ago, and so we’re now back to the grind - lots of reading, learning, notes, and diagrams (a particularity of our school’s teaching methodology).

I haven’t posted much over the past weeks, and feel a bit guilty about that. I am playing it real safe with regards to balancing my time between studying, time with my SO, and leisure & physical activity. I must find time to post more though!!

Best wishes!


Ron - sounds like you are fully immersed and enjoying yourself even if it is hard work. The Clinical immersion sounded interesting. I guess from your comments that “diagramming” is specific to Sherbrooke?

Anyway, I am in the middle of my refresher, distance education Bio course. I am crossing my fingers and hoping to be “packaged out” shortly from the company I work for as it is go through some major upheaval and we suspect there will be staff reductions. I have quietly asked my boss to try to get me on any downsizing lists that come up. Failing that I plan to quit by the beginning of May so I can retake Chem and Phys at Ryerson over the summer and then go to U of T full time in Sept with upper level science classes to meet Western’s requirements. I decided after reading everyone’s posts that I shouldn’t rush the MCAT, so I will likely take it next summer and apply at that time. I should be finished retaking all the prereq’s by then.

Anyway, glad you have managed to spend some time with family and friends. I guess it is back to the grindstone now, so good luck - knock it out of the park!!!