Princeton Review

At what point do you take these classes? Do you need to complete the pre-reqs before you sign up? How long are the classes usually?

It’s a private company, so there is no requirement, other than the fact that you have to be able to pay them. However, in terms of what you want from the class, it’s probably good to have most, if not all, your pre-reqs finished just so you know the content already, or have at least seen it once around. The only exception to this imo is O-chem 2. I think just taking O-chem 1 is plenty enough base to be able to put the rest together for MCAT content in that subject.
I know Kaplan has a number of different options - inclass, online, books only, private tutor sessions, etc., and the class options offer varying lengths of classes, mostly around 3 months long, usually evenings and weekends.
Most people say it is most advantageous to wait until about 3 months before you are going to take the MCAT to start this review session. I think that timing is working out well for me.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. I took their GMAT Review before and it was different, I didn’t pre-reqs

I concur about the timing. I would want to take the review class all the way up to a week or two before the test, because the moment the constant drilling and weekly practice exams end, the knowledge starts leaking out of your head. By the end of the class, you should have EVERYTHING READY-- if you make your own flash cards, they should be ready; if you use paper notes to memorize like me, they should be ready. Then the precious time between the class and the MCAT is devoted to reinforcement/solidification.

I’m with Matt, only take the last couple of days COMPLETELY OFF. It’s better for your memory, really.

I agree with the group. Princeton offers a couple different summer review classes (early start and late start) in Minneapolis with numerous practice MCATS. Check out their website for more info.