I called Pritzker a few days ago to ask about the status of my app. it was complete in oct and began its review in dec. so it seems my app was reviewed in dec and im assuming again in jan. is that a good sign that it was not rejected right away? does anyone know if prizker takes a long time to send out rejection letters?
i am not too sure about pritzker's app process…and am wondering whats going on!
u of c is totally a dream school for me…but it would be nice to know if they are REALLY considering my app, or if they are just behind!:slight_smile:

My application was complete in early november with pritzker and I received my rejection around christmas time.
Its getting late but I would say no new is still good news.

Obviously if they had contacted you about an interview by now it would be better news but Pritzker is actually very prompt to notify people about changes in the status of their application - so if you haven't received a rejection that means your application is still under consideration. You are re-reviewed periodically, at which time they see who is the 'best' of the remainder that they have not yet interviewed. Time is running short now but you still are in the running.

thanks guys. that makes me feel a bit better.
i know pritzker is pretty competitive, so im happy that i am still “in the running”.
i hope i hear something soon.
good luck to you all as well.