probably a meaningless question

while looking over my application prior to submitting the AMCAS, under identifying info, they ask for the prefix for your name for correspondance. I put Dr. there because that is what i usually use for official mail etc…but after looking at the printed application, my wife thought it might be a total turn off/pretentious thing. It may be a small thing but I don’t want to make any obvious mistakes.

Any thoughts please? Thank you

If you have earned the title why not use it? I don’t see why that would be a problem.

Kinda what I thought too. Thanks

Anyone else?

Are you a doctor? PhD or otherwise? If so, then what is wrong?

Nothing wrong, just a difference in opinion btw the wife and I. wanted to run in past the people here for a tiebreaker.

I think it’s fine using your title. Using your title will also help to point out that you have finished four (4) years of professional health care schooling. Just make sure you medical school mail doesn’t get lost in your chiropractic business inbox.

Not sure it’s too big a deal but I do see where your wife is coming from. I’d be more likely to use Mr. in this case just to not add another level of separation between me and other applicants. That being said, others might argue that to not use the title is an afront to your current profession. I’d go with what your gut tells you.

I have my DPT and I have decided not to use the Dr. Its just what my gut is telling me. Its a clinical doctorate in another field and not really a traditional PhD or MD. People who are lawyers most likely dont request to be called Dr. even though they have a Jures doctorate. Maybe it is a female thing not to want to appear pretencious, but in all likelyhood noone will even notice either way.

Well, I submitted it with the Dr attached for AMCAS and Without for AACOMAS. (no option for it)

So I guess we’ll see. Thanks for the feedback!

If you have a name that could be male or female, you’ll want to use the Mr, Ms, etc. for clarification.



  • jcolwell Said:
If you have a name that could be male or female, you'll want to use the Mr, Ms, etc. for clarification.



A complete aside to all this and utterly trivial is early in the web I came across a site that had a drop down list with EVERY possible title/prefix for your name: Mr., Mrs., Dr., King, Bishop, Vicar, Sir, Duke, etc. I still get occasional email from this site that has me as "Baron Richard von Levy." This was also a site that required a 10 character username and a 15 character password.