Probably going to withdraw

It looks like I’m going to have to withdraw from my program because of my academic difficulties. I hope I can obtain a leave of absence and start again next year, but it’s not a given. First I need to figure out what’s wrong.

Best of luck to everyone,


Sorry to hear that, Terry. I wish you the best with it - come back next year and kick some ass.

Terry, I wish you all the best. A year off should give you some time to regroup and find the best study methods for med school. I have great hopes for you!

Terry, there were several students at my school that retook their first year. Talk to your advisors and see if that is a possibility. Many, many students take 5 years to get through (or more).

Terry -

I’m so sorry to hear this. I appreciate how difficult it must be to share that news here, as well.

I’m sure you are exploring all of the options with your deans and I hope they are working with you to find the best option for you . . . be it the five year plan, withdrawing and restarting next year, etc.

Keep your head up - I know it’s tough - but keep in mind that you aren’t alone. You will get through this and be a better doctor because of it.


Linda’s right. At least four of my first-year classmates are re-taking first year right now, and it is going better for them!


Feel what you need to feel. Do what you need to do. You’ll find your way through this. This’ll end up bein’ just one more story of your extraordinary journey. I wish you the best.


thanks, all. Yeah it’s been a crappy day, but then I think about the fact that I was given an opportunity unlike the thousands who weren’t, and it was completely up to me to make it or blow it. I blew it and I can’t blame anyone but myself (although, one could argue that bout of desert fever I contracted during week 1 has to share a bit of the blame

Now I’m hoping to take some remedial courses and fix my poor study habits so that I can return in the fall, if allowed, and pick up where I left off, a little older and hopefully wiser. I have learned that I can be more focused when I have a study partner, so that will be my number one priority. It’s been hard to find study partners, c/o the age difference and I’m kind of a loner by nature, but that didn’t work here.

It also might have been better if I had taken some more upper level science courses and built up my study skills, but I chose what I chose and now I have to live with my decisions.


You need to do what is best for you. It may not be that your study habits are poor. You have gone this far so they must working for you somehow. It is possible that you just have to add a little here or take out a little there.

Either way, good luck in what ever you decide. If you need someone to talk to let me know. We can do it by e-mail or by phone.


First I want to say that I am impressed that you got accepted to a great school! We ALL know how hard that is! You ARE a good student or you couldn’t have made it this far! You are probably not giving yourself enough credit but I can only imagine how hard the first year is. I tend to be distracted without a study partner, so I can definitely relate to that part. You made it this far, you can drive it home!


I understand this is a difficult decision for you and ergo, a difficult time. This too shall pass and you’ll come out stronger and wiser!

I don’t mean to sound selfish or intrusive, but could you put down a few words of advice to other people, who have yet not entered med school, to best prepare for M-1, and hopefully survive if they run into a situation similar to yours?

Appreciate it. Good luck!


Terry, Sorry about your difficulties, I think all of us go through them, be it Basic sci, Steps or just plain family problems.

Hang in there and if there is anything we can do let us know!

  • Dazed Said:
...a few words of advice to other people, who have yet not entered med school, to best prepare for M-1, and hopefully survive if they run into a situation similar to yours?

Know thyself.

Terry, I hope that your change in .sig and location means that you were able to negotiate a leave from which you will return? I wish you all the best as you map out a slightly different course to the same goal.


Yup, I was granted a leave of absence, and I’ll be starting again next fall, hopefully better prepared. I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for asking.

Terry, I’m glad you’ve worked something out. I know this must have been a hard decision, but I know you’ll use this year wisely and be ready to roll in the fall.


I am glad that things are working out. I hope you are able to settle things and get back on your journey.


Glad to hear it, Terry! Just another stage of the marathon…

Good news, Terry. Keep on keepin’ on.


  • ttraub Said:
Yup, I was granted a leave of absence, and I'll be starting again next fall, hopefully better prepared. I'll get there eventually. Thanks for asking.


Sorry I missed out on the beginning of this saga, but I am quite relieved to learn that you have secured a leave & will be returning next fall. No doubt that this is not only a blow to your self esteem; but also quite humbling. However, if it serves as the impetus for you to succeed in the future, then all is well. We've all fallen off of the horse, far fewer have the courage to get back on. Best of luck & success to you.

I hope that you will still consider attending the June 2008 conference. I think your sage words of wisdom will mean tons to those who seek to follow your footsteps.