professor ratings

i just thought i would post this, in case you folks didnt know about it. its a site where you can rate and find ratings about college professors.

if its one thing i learned about the first time through undergrad, is that the inside scoop in who to take is really important. and as olderpremeds we might be going to school without access to that inside info.

when i registered for classes i showed my advisor the list, and she went over it. she said that of the profs she recognized, the generally agreed with what the ratings showed.

I WISH I had been able to see this website while I was an undergrad!!! It might have saved me from the prof who used us as guinea pigs to try a “new” way to teach OChem (teaching an “overview” during semester 1 so future PA students would get the “whole course”, then teaching the “details” semester 2 for unfortunate students like myself, then spending a lot of the time talking about the chemical makeup of illegal drugs!!! AARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I hope it make someone else’s life easier.

Yeah - I currently use the site as a guide to picking classes as well, it’s great! The majority of 4 year schools have there own site up that is specific to their school which is usually ALOT more up to date and informative though. I would recommend finding out what that particular site at your school is, it’s an invaluable tool.