Prognosis for bad undergrad grades

Hey all -
I'm so glad I found this forum! I've been having trouble finding information about attempting to go to medical school as an adult. My sister is going, but she followed a more linear path, so she can't really help me out much with my questions.
I'm thinking of applying to a post-bacc premed program this summer or fall, but for a variety of reasons my undergraduate grades were terrible (2.64 cumulative GPA and one F). I graduated from Tufts University 5 or 6 years ago with a Computer Science major.
Do I have any chance of forgiveness for these kinds of grades when it comes to applying to medical schools or am I forever doomed?
Thanks for your help!

If you have turned things around academically you still can go to medical school. The question is are you able to get A's now in your Chemistry, Biology, and Physics classes? If you can then you can make it a mission to establish a really high post bacc gpa that the schools can consider separately from your undergrad. I would also consider St Georges in the Carribean and DO schools and try to get a really high score on the MCAT. If you can get an over 30 score on the MCAT then you can focus on trying to make your GPA and extracurriculars excellent. There are schools that will take you and you can become a doctor if you have turned things around. By the way I went to Tufts too! Go Jumbos!

Hey Erica,
Welcome! Skypilot is right. There is hope for you. Some of the folks on OPM have had worse records and have gotten in. It is simply going to take a lot of hard work for you to do it. Just set your mind to it and go.