Proper way to answer a questionthat

What is the best way to answer the “what school do you wish to attend” question during an interview? I do not want to lie but I also do not want to lose my chance at any school.

I was thinking about saying: “I would take any and all acceptances and discuss them with my wife and decide on the school that not only fits with my goals but one that is in an area that is accomodating to my family as well”

why do they even bother asking this sort of question? Of course most premeds are going to say their top choice is this one. Maybe it would be more productive to ask about whether your career goals fit with the mission statement at this school–test whether the applicant bothered to read the website.

I was completely honest at my interviews. For example, Arizona asked me why I wanted to go there and I told them I really didn’t know much about the school, except what I read on the website. What they took away from my answer, I hope and assume, is that I’m not even trying to bs them. Anyway, I guess they liked me–they gave me an acceptance!

  • gabelerman Said:
"what school do you wish to attend"

The one that accepts me, has the best financial aid, and my wife and I agree that order.

How about something along the lines of, “until I finish the interview process, I don’t feel it’s fair to rank schools. I need as much information as possible to make an intelligent decision.” Unless, of course, you are interviewing at your absolute #1 choice. Then make sure they know that.