Psychology vs. Sociology

Alright, I’ll keep this one short since there’s not much to it, but for anyone who majored in psych, did you think that psych differed strongly from sociology? The reason I ask is yes, one class should not make you want to change your major, but before I deal with a semester of this indoctrinative garbage (sociology), I’d like to clarify that it has only little relation to psychology.

I won’t go into a lot of detail about why the class is irritating me because it’d be a massive injection of personal opinion but I will say that the greatest thing is that the sociology teacher makes it sound as if society and social interactions are to blame for an individual’s actions when that individual makes a mistake, not the individual. And I’m sorry to anyone who likes soc, but that’s just crap, because that’s like saying someone who grows up in a violent family and then, as an adult, kills someone is not to blame for the act. Granted, psychology would point out that the violent family influenced that person’s behavior but the person still made the conscious choice and that it’s his/her fault.

So anyway, yeah just seeing what everyone’s thoughts & opinions are on whether sociology is similar to psychology or if they’re two separate animals. I can stand one class but I don’t want to study that sort of thing for four years.

Sounds like you have a good standpoint on it to begin with. In my (cog psych) experience, psychology looks for reasons, not excuses.

Sociology I’ve found fascinating because of the putatively outlying cases that are actually disturbingly commonplace, like Milgram or Kitty Genovese.

I had a minor in psychology; so, I have a handful of upper division courses under my belt (Abnormal and Psychology of Sex are two that I remember). I took one sociology class, Mental Illness, that was similiar to the abnormal psyc class. All my psych classes and the one sociology course were interesting and enjoyable. You probably found The Professor that makes any class uninteresting for you.