Publish or Perish!

I wrote a paper almost 2 years ago for an independent study, and would like to get it published as a review article.

So far, the only viable publication I’ve found in my online search is the Journal of Young Investigators.

Can anyone recommend journals that would help me be more competitive during the application process? (Or are review articles not really considered particularly good?)

My reasons are twofold:

  1. I’ve already put in the work (yes, I’ve updated it to 2011) and believe it will help me be more competitive with med school apps

  2. The school I’m doing post-bacc work at doesn’t do research in the area of my article. Instead I’m working in immuno research, but my passion lies with the topic of the original paper. I’d love to have it as a talking point during the application process, and above all, I’d really like to participate in the MSTP.

Selecting a journal usually revolves around the paper’s subject matter. If this isn’t immuno, what’s the subject?