Pursuing Recommendations.

I am currently trying to develop some good recommendations, and the people I’m interested in obtaining them from range from professors who are teaching me, to those I interact with less frequently. For instance, there is an MD whom I recently met at a laboratory, but I don’t go to that laboratory frequently, but we seemed to instantly like each other, and what are some thoughts on developing that into a relationship where a strong recommendation could be given? I like people, and working with people, so being genuine has never been an issue. But how can I nuture the kinds of professional relationships needed to obtain strong recommendations, as opposed to being “buddies” or just being friends? I also don’t want to be a recommendation-seeking robot, but I feel these recommendations will be a key part of moving forward. As an older student (mid-thirties) what kind of recommendation wording could allow me to compete effectively with my younger peers?

What I found is that after class I would go and talk to the professor for a little while.
Then if I had a question, I made sure to go to office hours and not just ask and leave. I would spend some time trying to understand the material and tie it all together.
As for this MD you just met, why do you not go to that lab often?
don’t try to meet people just for an LOR. Remember you can only send a limited number of LORs.