Quandry As to PB Plan

OK, I haven’t been around in a while. Long story short, I’m an RN–critical care–peds and adults–of many years and peds HC w/ mgt. I obtained an AAS back in the day for RN. Killed the boards (Back then they actually gave you a number for your board scores–no pass or fail.) Started back to Drexel in 08-09, but I had serious family crisises. Was on hold at Drexel for a while. Returned late in 2011 I believe, and finished the BSN, summa cum in 2013. I’ve had some bios: I & II, A&P I & II, Micro, back when I was in college for the RN, AAS. Also had a chem course for which I received an A. As for the other courses and my overall GPA, eh back then, all I cared about was having a family (many problems carrying to term) and getting through the Nursing Program. I obviously got through OK, but there are some Cs on the transcript that I had no business earning–and I and my advisors knew it. I held this philosophy back then that getting grades for grades sake is not necessarily learning-- I was very idealistic and somewhat of a rebel. I just wasn’t as motivated about the grades as I have been more recently and am now. I figured I pretty much knew the things easy–my mom was an awesome ED RN and she and her doc friends let me learn and do things–back in the days where you could get away with stuff like that–taking your teen to work to learn more than she would learn as a candy striper. On top of that, our program set out to test us as they would for the boards–meaning the correct answer was usually the less crappy of all the crappy choices–and not the ideal stuff taught to you in class or on your own in the literature. Still, I was a bit of a renegade back then in my young 20s.

At any rate, I feel it is in my best interest to pursue a formal post-bacc. I am limited in areas - mostly Philly or some places in Jersey. I also need to continue to work, and I am now looking at the fact that pretty much half of my lifespan, statistically is passed. Forget the fact that I don’t look my age. People just have to see your kids to figure it out; plus Birthdates are identifying factors throughout all paperwork.

What I hear through others’ comments to other posters on SDN is that it’s too late for those in the late 40’s early 50’s, and that many who sit on adcoms will just end of writing you off–illegal or not.

Yes, I could consider CRNA–less time and money in the process–probably more money coming out–since I want to do primary care at this point in my life. I feel I could work that area well into my late 70’s or so, like many docs I’ve known. I could also consider NP; but I honestly have witnessed how, in reality, it is just not the same–and no matter what goes on politically speaking, it never will be.

I would like to apply to Temple’s Basic Core in Medical Sciences Program. Drexel also has a program, but it’s two years, and who knows how secure the linkage is. Jeff also has a program–same situation, and there is UPEN, and a few others. Bryn Mawr is not only pretty expensive; it seems ultra exclusive–given the profiles. Plus I don’t see many too much over 20’s to 30’s in their program.

So, should I gear up and refresh math and re-take SAT–my only SAT goes back to high school, where I killed the verbal, but totally blew off a lot of the math??? (I’ve been better since then.) After the SAT and getting the appropriate LORs, I could apply to BCMS, or take the basic sci’s at CC, and apply to their ACMS or look for another option. At this point, in spite of summa cum at Drexel, my overall cGPA will probably come to 3.3 or 3.4. The average applicant for Temple’s BCMS was at least 3…5, I believe–for 2013.

The clock is really ticking for me, and I must move forward now. It doesn’t help that I took off this past year for a nursing management job in peds for 9 mo.s. It didn’t allow me time to do more coursework; so I ended up resigning.

I apologize for the length of this post. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Also, I didn’t post on SDN; b/c responses there can often enough be non-supportive. This seemed like a more approachable environment.



I think you have to ask yourself whether or not you’re truly committed to getting accepted to med school or not, because you can make up reasons not to attend at ANY age. That’s not to say that age discrimination isn’t real, simply that the “sacrifice level” seems to be higher for what I call “Supernontrads” due to age discrimination. But there are a few of us committed to pressing on anyway.

Also, Philly has one of the best med schools in the US, PCOM, but you didn’t list it. You may be adverse to the DO title, but I think if you really want to practice medicine, ANY “title” MD or DO should suffice.

Finally if I recall correctly, there are many post-bacc options in Philly. Can you choose one that doesn’t require the SAT? Taking it seems like a step back IMHO.

Yes, I’d have to call and ask if they accept the GRE.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve read some of your comments on that other premed wesbite and I have to say that I almost didn’t know those comments were yours.

Please don’t allow anyone over there to shake your confidence in this process. IMHO, there’s very little valuable info there (even in the so called notrad forum) for the supernontrad premed, ie over age 35.

" Plus I don’t see many too much over 20’s to 30’s in their program."

Don’t sweat this, just get in and do what you came to do. You’re going to find the exact same scenario in med school and beyond so you may as well get used to it!

Have you read Kate429’s diary? She was a nurse who started medical school in her early 50s. She recently graduated from medical school and just started her first year of residency. You might find some inspiration, encouragement, and helpful information there, too.

Here’s the link to the first page of her diary: http://www.oldpremeds.org/fusionbb/showtopic.php?t…

Totally agree with pathdr2b – there just aren’t that many 35+ premeds, so you can’t really do any kind of quantitative analysis.

I also wanted to quickly comment on the Bryn Mawr profiles comment, since I actually replied to something similar on that other forum. :wink: And because I was actually interviewed for one of those profiles…


(Take home message in case you don’t want click over to SDN: the students with the stellar numbers and the students featured in the profiles are probably not the same students. )