Question about debt...

Hi guys,
I need some honest feedback here. Someone’s post got me thinking…
My fiance and I are getting married in Nov. I still have 40 or so hours to take for my pre-med pre-reqs and reqs for my B.S. in Biology. We are working at paying off a cumulative debt of $15K, plus car loans of $15K. Currently, we are both working to pay the bills (he’s a mechanic, I’m a speech-lang. pathologist). We do alright, but I would somehow like to not have to work and just go to school, and maybe get things done faster.
Working is not hard for me, but it does take up a lot of time. If any of you have better suggestions for me, let me know. Or even if you think I should keep doing what I’m already doing, I’m all ears!

My .02 - pay off as much debt as you can before medical school. Medical school budgets do not allow for credit card or car payments.