Question about FAFSA

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this particular question has come up before but I am filling out my FAFSA. The form states clearly that I am in independent student and then said that med schools and nursing schools may want parent information. It asked if I wanted to add my Mom’s information (Dad is deceased). I started entering her info (required a call to her) and then it made me count myself into her household and stated (even if you don’t live there). She lives off of state retirement income and isn’t going to be helping me out in med school. I am nervous that putting her info down will be a bad thing for me as they will think that somehow she will give me money. She owns her home and makes about 36K a year. Any ideas? Has anyone faced this? I am 39 and don’t live with her. Are there benefits of adding her?

My understanding is that you may not be considered for all types of aid (from the specific school, I believe) if you don’t include your parent(s) information, regardless of independent student status. I am also an independent student, and will get no help from my parents for medical school, so I understand your plight.

I just Googled the question, and this is one example of what I found, from one specific school, Indiana University’s School of Medicine:

“You are encouraged to provide parental information on the FAFSA in order to be considered for the more restricted Federal Loans to Disadvantaged Students and any IUSM financial need-based scholarships. If you are only applying for the DL Federal (Unsubsidized) Stafford Loans and the Direct Loan Federal Graduate PLUS Loan, then the parental information is not required or used in determining your eligibility. Keep in mind that not providing the parental information will exclude you from any considerations requiring the parental information. This includes any IUSM need-based scholarships, Loans to Disadvantaged Students and Primary Care Loans.” (source: en…

This makes me think that the issue is school specific, so if you have questions, I would suggest calling your Financial Aid office …

Hope that helps!