Question about online classes

Hello All!

I am fairly new here (have been lurking for awhile but this is my first post)and have a question regarding online classes. I have taken most of my classes online as I live in a rural area and close to 100 miles away from the nearest school. After reading the negatives about online classes, I am wondering if I retake my classes in a brick and mortar setting, will I be penalized for doing so by the Adcom?

Thank you…any advice is appreciated.

Honestly, your best bet would be to take a more advanced course (Biochem to your on-line Org, Genetics to your on-line Biology, etc) than retaking classes. Showing that the on-line course properly prepared you for the rigors of a medical education by excelling at more advanced courses in a traditional setting would server you better in the long run, at least by my estimation.

If I were you, I’d call some of the med schools that you might be interested in and ask specifically about your online classes, repeating them, or taking more advanced classes. Better safe than sorry.



In the MSAR book there is a listing usually on the 2nd page of each med school’s section that will tell you whether or not they accept online classes; however, there were quite a few who had nothing down. IMO, I think there may be some of what is going on related to age with this issue. Perhaps the schools that say they will still won’t put as much stock in a candidate with online courses versus one who took them at a University or even CC. Though NightGod has some valid points about the type of class you take. Plus if they know you had no brick and mortar schools close to you they may take that into consideration.