question about post bac essay

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Its been sometime since I posted, but I wanted to ask a question to anyone that did a post bac- do you have any helpful hints about the post bac personal statement? Anything that you would recommend be included or NOT be included?

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I approached my post-bacc essay much like I did my med school essay (actually they ended up being very similar). I wanted the post-bacc programs to know how I had come to medicine, that there was method to my madness and that this endeavor wasn’t one that just “appeared” one day.
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I am doing a post bacc now. I am attending Hunter College in New York City. I didn’t have to do an essay so I cannot give you any feedback on that.
Tiecher Adams

I didn’t handle my postbacc essay anything like my SOP. They didn’t give me much room, so I just outlined my various career positions almost in bullet form. I think that if I were 29 and hadn’t done much in the field except reconsider my career, I would have written it differently, maybe more psychological or philosophical. I was not big on apologies for anything along my path for any of my essays. You know, focus on stuff like you saved the world, saved yourself, got focused, got clear, got experience, contributed to society and all that other good stuff and downplay the wacky route you may have taken to get there.

I have been working on my post-bac essay all afternoon (so not fun). Obviously since I am at the same point in the process as you, be wary of my advice - it isn’t proven (yet). However, from everything I read on how to do this, I am focusing on expressing why I will be successful in the post-bac program and in medical school, rather than “why I want to be a doctor.” I feel like everyone applying to these programs comes from a position of NOT being able to say what the undergraduates say: I wanted to do this since I was born… As a career-changer, this is inherently untrue. So I am sticking with "I work hard and am successful in my current career, etc., and this is how I KNOW this is the right path for me."
Sorry if that is convoluted…I hope my essay is better organized and that I could at least help by giving you writing-empathy

I’m also applying to post-bac programs and wondered if anyone had any advice for the essays/personal statements. (I don’t care for one that asks for a person, experience or event that influenced your development but cannot be related to why you want to be a doctor - I’ve had such trouble finishing that one). My email is If anyone has attended postbac programs on the East Coast, particularly Bryn Mawr, Rutgers, University of Penn, Penn State, Johns Hopkins or Harvard, could you email me and let me know what the program was like, how you liked it, and what you didn’t like about it? Thank you.