Question about Post Bacc Classes

I am incredibly excited about finding this web site. I am “OLD” and want to become a doctor. I have 10 years experience as a respiratory therapist (AS degree) and a BS degree in Information Systems (rec’d 2002). I am currently looking at post-bacc programs to begin this process. I have read that it wouldn’t be advisable to attend a community college for the pre-reqs, as the curriculum is often looked down upon by med schools? Is this true? Does anyone have a post-bacc program they can suggest? I live in PA. Thank you very, very much.

IF you can afford and it is feasible to go to a 4 year college to get your pre-reqs that is preferable than going the CC route.

Thanks for the reply. Truth be told, those programs are looking for @ $700 per credit. I’d feel more comfortable with the cost of a CC. Is there truth to whether or not med schools look down upon pre-reqs from a CC? – LM

Some do and some do not, but because you are non-trad and probably holding down a job and family adcoms DO understand in cases such as these a CC is the best option.

Well, tell us more. How are your other grades? Do you tend to do well on standardized tests (can you count on a good MCAT score)? These other factors, the general shape of the rest of your application, can help you determine whether any eyebrows raised over the CC credits can be calmed down by the rest of your application being fabulous.

I graduated with @ 3.4 for the BS degree. I even made Dean’s List my last semester. I have had to take standardized tests for the RRT exam and believe I could do well on a test again (after studying, of course). – LM

Then it’s not impossible. Taking courses at a community college can raise eyebrows, and doesn’t make things EASIER. But you can deal with it. I’d also suggest (I’m about to do this next week!) making an appointment with someone at the admissions office of a medical school that interests you so you can talk to them about your plan and get their feedback. You don’t really care about what the formless “they” think about your plan, the admissions committees at a score of med schools you WON’T apply to. You care about the schools you WILL apply to. So ask them.
Good luck with your studies! Ain’t we got fun?