Question for folks that used Kaplan

I’m planning on taking the Kaplan course to get me ready for the beast. I’ll be taking Orgo this Fall and Orgo 2 this Winter. Would it be ok to take Kaplan before taking these classes? For those wondering why, there is a Kaplan class starting this June that is right by my house. I’m checking into whether they’ll have another one later.

If I understand you correctly, you want to take the Kaplan course before you have any organic? Kaplan is suppose to be a review of what you have had or what you are taking at the present time. I think you would be lost if you haven’t had any organic.
I was taking Physics I and Organic I, immunology and some other courses in the fall. I signed up for the Kaplan course that was once a week and started in Nov and went through till April. So I was completing Organic and Physics I and II while taking Kaplan, BUT I started the classes before Kaplan started so there was a bit of a head start.
I would not recommend you taking Kaplan before at least starting the courses on the MCAT. Don’t they offer the course that runs from Nov-April, or the 2 night a week course that runs Jan - Apr?

I agree with Amy. Kaplan will not teach the detailed information needed to build your Orgo foundation. You have to learn the basic concepts in order to understand most of the skim off the top subjects that Kaplan will only cover. I would not recommend taking Kaplan this early in the game. I’m assuming your planning on the April '05 MCAT? The idea is to have all material fresh in your mind prior to the MCAT. It seems as if you might be stretched at having the material fresh in your mind long enough to perform well. My advice would be to get Orgo 1 behind you or almost completed and then look at signing up for Kaplan, which would be just prior to starting Orgo 2 or during it.

Yeah, you both are right. I was just thinking I could save myself a 45 minute drive. Oh well, I do that every day for work so one more time a week won’t kill me.
Thanks for the replies!

I hear you about saving driving time. I can’t wait to leave traffic and long driving times behind when I move to Blacksburg.
Luckily you will only have to do it for a short time. Perhaps you could make audio tapes of you saying physics formulas, or organic stuff or bio, etc. At least that way you would be hearing things over and over and they would start to stick in your brain.