Question for those who are doing/have done this with a family...

When I look into the near future and contemplate the path I’m undertaking, the major point of concern for me is my children. Issues like having to change schools (likely multiple times), adjusting, afording daycare through the summer, will my wife be able to work etc. These I’m sure are the same issues many here have already dealt with or are facing now. My question to those who have done it or are doing it: Any advice? Is there anything, even little things, that we could be doing now to help prepare for when the time does come? I appologize if this seems a stupid question that one should be able to answer using their own common sense, I just wanted to tap the experienced for little things I/we may not think of.

I am a new pre-med, just made my mind up 100% a week ago in fact. I am a married mother of 4 and I have the same concerns. First off, is your wife supportive? Is your family supportive? I have to say, for me my biggest fear was my family would think I’m insane. My husband is super supportive and I was shocked to find that my parents were as excited as I am. I’m not 100% sure what to do, but I’m going to start saving as much money as I can and cut back on the stuff we don’t need. My husband works from home so daycare is covered for now. I’m going to try my hardest to get the grades I need and MCAT scores so hopefully I can get into a med school near by and not have to move, but I’m saving what I can just in case. I know places like Citibank and Amazon hire remote call center reps, so you can work from home. I keep that thought in mind if I have to work at anytime in the future, maybe that could be an option for your wife too. I’m just starting out so I don’t have all the answers, but I know this is what I want and I’ll make it work one way or another. I’m making the most of my time and saving money that’s all I know to do for now. Good Luck!

Thanks for your reply! My wife is 100% behind me. As far as the rest of my family is concerned I have only told one person. Some of it is due to fear/avoidance of criticisms. Most of those in my family are the get a job & stick with it type folks. Not criticizing them, but their not really dreamers or ambitious types. It’s been apparant most of my life this apple fell far from the tree, rolled down a hill then got carried miles away by a stream. I have five children, so the question of my wife being able to work & daycare etc is a biggie for me. The work at home idea is a great one, and I will definitely look into it. Congratulations on your decision and I wish you the best!