Question on how to find where a University ranks overall...


Here is my question. If I already know where a University ranks nationally overall, how can I find out on the internet (with out contacting the school intself) where they rank as far as pre-med studies? I have looked with no avail…Thank you.

I have posed this to a few people inside AAMC, AACOM, and of course Judy Colwell.

BTW, while researching this I came across the most unique way to rank a college: via the squirrel population

College Squirrel Ranking Index

Thanks for taking the time my friend! Fun site to look at…If you do find the other site, post it for me. Thanks Gonnif.!!

Anyone else have any idea to find out where a college ranks nationally for pre-med?? Anyone?

After speaking with people at AAMC, AACOM, and Judy Colwell (who some 20 years in the field) there is no premed ranking source that they new of. The only stats, rather I should say raw numbers, that I have seen are a very partial list showing total number of acceptances into medical schools from undergraduate schools. When I say I have seen it, I mean that literally, I don’t have a copy of them.

The question does come up on how would you rank them?

I’m not certain this information could be obtained so easily. As Rich mentions, what criteria would be used to rank the programs? Even in the rankings for medical schools and residency programs, the criteria are not matched for which produce the best physicians.

If you are considering using the rankings as a basis for deciding where to take your pre-med coursework, my suggestion would be to find a four year institution with a reputation for at least moderately difficult classes, and from there find the institution with the qualities you believe are important for your style of learning, schedule, etc.

In my opinion (and I’m NOT suggesting that this is you in any stretch of the imagination), because of a fear/lack of confidence in their ability to be successful, people find the college known for “easy” courses in order to be “successful”. For any readers of this post I would caution against this. It does not serve you well in the application process and will REALLY not serve you well if you do gain admission–the amount of material and speed at which you need to learn in medical school is insane!

That being said, I would not dismiss the idea of taking a non-prereq at one of the “easier” universities to give a person a little momentum and confidence going into the prereqs at a “harder” university.

My reason for asking this was over at one of the better known univeristies, there was a forum for pre-meds. They had a way of finding rankings for univerisities based on the riggor?? of their pre-med curriuculum.

I was just curious to find out where I could find this info to do my own comparisons. I do believe it exists, for the simple fact they were making comparisons. Thanks for all your input.

Hmm… well I know that schools are “weighted” by adcoms but I have no idea if that is a standard set of criteria across med schools