question re: balanced MCAT scores

With my practice MCATs, the raw numbers aren’t bad (28, 31, 33) but I’m significantly stronger verbally. As in V13, P9, B9 as an average. I’m working on improving the science scores and haven’t even started my last quarter of physics yet.

But, now I’m wondering (and worrying): How important is a balanced MCAT score vs just a straight MCAT score? Any ideas?

I am not an expert and can speak only of my own situation. Last year my score was 12,12 and 6 for VR, which pissed me off big time. I would have preferred a 10,10,10.

Now I think that as long as you are not very low in one area (unlike me), then you should be OK. Most school who mention cut-offs (assumed to be automatic) seem to consider 7 as a threshold. BTW, my AAMC average at the time was 36 and my VR average was 9. So you should take your averages for what they are, and understand that deviations are possible.

My 2 cents.