Question re nature of my prerequisites

Hello all-I used to post here before I started taking my prerequisite courses for med school. I forgot my old user name and password. Anyway- I am an Emory law grad, practicing attorney and adjunct university professor. Oh, I forgot-and part time student. I finished college in 1995 and took my bio prereqs (bio, zoology, and micro) at that time. I am now beginning Organic chem-I recently finished both inorganics and an intro chem with A grades.
My concerns/questions:
I am only taking 1 class a semester (cannot manage more with my law firm and with teaching)-Will this make my A grades less attractive?
Are my bio prereqs too old? I really cannot afford to have to take them again or other bio courses. It would throw my time schedule way off and my wife’s patience way off. Any insight? (I plan on beginning school in fall 06)
Thank you!!!

Hi there,

The answers to your questions:

First of all, an A is an A. It doesn’t matter so much how many hours you are working if you work full time.

The age of your pre-reqs depends on the school. You need to contact the schools that interest you individually and find out. If you do not have your heart set on one specific school, the age of your pre-reqs might not be a factor. They were not a factor for me but my graduate degree was in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. None of the six schools that accepted me even questioned the age of my pre-reqs some of which were done in the 1970s. Of course my MCAT was taken August of the year that I applied. Everything else was in by the second week of June but my MCAT scores didn’t arrive until October.

Good luck!