Question regarding pre-requisites


I have already submitted my primary application to AMCAS but as I am adding schools I see that some require pre requisites I did not enter on my application but I intend to be taking them throughout the year. Will that be a problem? Do school usually ask on the secondary what classes one intends to complete before matriculation or should I contact each school and inform them of that?

Thank you for any input


AMCAS actually allows you to enter courses that you are currently enrolled in or plan to take over the next year. That is probably what you should have done when you originally submitted your application.

Given that you didn’t list them originally in your application, I’m not sure what the best advice is. Entering them now will require you to have your application reverified (if they will even allow it). I guess I would call those schools and ask them for their advice. Some of them may have room on their secondaries to fill in that info.