Has anyone used an admission consultant? How does the process work and does it help? I’m considering using one for to help improve my chances.

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Do you mean the pre-med advisor from a school you are attending or have attended? If so, I would say definitely. I regret not doing that and trying to figure everything out by trial and error…mainly error I would have known to apply early for one thing. I just assumed when a school had a deadline that you had until the deadline to perfect your application, but I was WRONG about many things. I am still desperately seeking answers to many questions.

good luck!

I do believe ‘consultants’ exist to help you navigate the stormy waters involved in identifying and completing pre-reqs and polishing your application.

I seriously considered solliciting such help (from a well known contributor on these forums) until I realized that the French Canadian system (the only geography I was willing to apply in) is vastly different from the US applications process.

So, I was left to do it on my own. Fortunately, the result was quite positive, nonetheless!

Still, I believe that very significant benifits can be achieved through the assistance of a qualified ‘med-school-applications’ consultant.


Just to clarify, I was talking about an independent consultant that helps individuals prepare to apply to medical schools. I won’t mention any by name, but there’s one that specializes in non-traditional students…

cobra, there are several people on OPM who’ve used an independent consultant and probably the one you’re referring to (Judy Colwell?), and they have all been very pleased with her services. Judy donates consulting services to our raffle every year at our convention and it’s always a much-sought-after prize. But I would think very highly of her advice even if she wasn’t a big OPM supporter. She has common sense, the background and experience in Stanford’s admissions office to back up what she says, and a strong history of helping folks get in.

Not everyone needs or wants a consultant. I do think that relying on the pre-med advisor at the school where you’re doing your prerequisites is potentially risky if you are in a school where most students are more traditional. I know I taught the folks in my pre-med advising office a few things. OTOH if you are in a structured post-bacc where the whole point of the program is to help non-trads get into med school, then I would fully expect the pre-med advisors there to know their stuff.

Hope this helps!


I used Judy Colwell, advertised on this site, and am satisfied with the results. Much better than the advisors at my school who didn’t seem to particularly care whether I got in. She was both more objective and more supportive and gave me valuable feedback on my inventory and personal statement.

Thanks to all that responded. I’m going to engage the consultant mentioned above…

I would love to find a consultant, but Judy isn’t taking on any new applicants at the moment. Does anyone know of another qualified consultant that might be free? I have basically finished my application, but I need help with the finishing touches…

I know the previous poster knows this but just in case it isn’t clear, any pre-med consultant’s services are for a fee… and the fee should be put in the perspective of: thousands of dollars spent on coursework prior to getting into med school; hundreds of dollars to TAKE the MCAT and potentially thousands of dollars to take an MCAT prep course; several hundred or more to file your AMCAS application; potentially thousands in secondary fees; a few hundred minimum for each interview if you look at travel, hotel, nice suit Pre-med consultants are not cheap but good ones who come well-recommended are well worth their fees.

I think we here on OPM are the “free” consultants. Can’t imagine why anyone who’s actually doing this as a business would do it for free.


Hehe, when I first read the post, I thought the same thing, Mary. Why might a qualified consultant be free?

But I think she meant “free” as in “available” .

Yes, sorry for the confusion. I meant ask if someone could suggest a good consultant that is available.


My ears were burning, apparently for good reason. :slight_smile:

Actually, after 8/1 I’m not taking clients who haven’t already submitted their AMCAS/AACOMAS application (if they are entering 2008). I’m working with clients who are into the secondary application process, and interviewing. (Yes, some already have interview invitations.)

That said, I’ll be doing my annual cycling adventure (backpacking on a bicycle) this September (generally I go in July, but the heat last year finally got to us). I’ll be “out of the office” from 9/1 until 10/1.