Quick question for anyone thats taken the MCAT. Some friends and I were studying and got to talking about running out of time and we were just wondering which bubble you filled in. Such as A's or B's or C's or D's or like a diagonal (christmas tree pattern) which I know isnt the best.
Just curious. Sort of a funny question.
Good luck, stephen

I never ran out of time so can't comment directly -
practice practice practice so you learn enough about pace to not run out of time.
know when you are dwelling so long on 1 question that you might be sacrificing the time for 5 - and move on.
mark it your booklet to return to if you have time - and move on.

Studies have shown that 'B' is statistically the most likely answer.

really? for some reason I always go with C if I have to make a wild guess.

I guessed C's on all the questions that I did not for sure knew for my diag, and none were right.

I didn’t run out of time. But one thing I did do was at the end of bubbling everything I counted up the number of a,b,c, and d answers I had. In almost every test (practice and the real thing) it was pretty evenly distributed. I don’t think therefore that choosing b over c over a or d will really help. but hey, if it makes you feel better - go for it! wink.gif

I ran out of time on the physics…I was freaking out because I had 1/3 blank with 5 minutes to go…but at least I had already eliminated some choices, so I either picked from two possible answers or went with “C”. The nice thing about paper tests is you can mark all over it. smile.gif A lot of people in my group didn’t finish, we all throught we had failed. But keep in mind that the MCAT is scaled, so if everyone does bad YOU benefit. I got a 9 despite my perceived bad performance. The WORST thing you can do is leave it blank!! NEVER EVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!!
Best of Luck - Sara