Hey, have a question about entering schools on the apps, maybe yall can help me. They want you to enter the schools and they have dates attended. What if you went to a school for a year, then went to another, and came back to the original school a year or so later. Would you enter it again with the second set of dates attended or what? Im confused over this, but so far Ive just put in the same school a second time. I also had no major or degree the first time, and had a major and degree the second time. I dont know, but thanks for anyone who can help and understand what I just wrote, confused myself…lol

I’d only put it once, and just encompass all the dates together. I was attending about 3 schools “at once” for my postbacc prereqs.

You'll need to send them a transcript from every school you've ever attended since high school (directly from the school). So first, get you a copy of your transcripts and enter the info. exactly as each school shows it on the transcipt.

I had the same situation. Just do like space cadet said. Enter it all in one lump. For example, if you attended the spring semester of 1987 and the fall of 1988 then put the dates from Jan. 1987 to Dec. 1988.
Best of luck in the application process!!

Thanks everyone, thats what ill do. Makes it alot easier.