Hi all,
I am about to embark on this journey, and have a lot of fears and questions, especially as it relates to my horrible undergrad past and how it will return to haunt or hinder me in this process.
To give a little history on myself, I am 31 and am currently completing my MPH. I have always wanted to attend med school, however, I passed on the dream when I realized I had less than desirable undergrad grades. I really mean less than desirable. To be totally honest, I graduated with a 2.01 undergrad G.P.A. in 1997. (My current Grad GPA is 3.1) However, now that I am older and still have that dream, I want to try again.
Beginning Winter 2005, I would like to begin taking those undergrad science courses again and maybe try for the MCAT in April 2006 (God’s willing).
Do you think, if I do exceptionally well this time around in my undergrad science courses, my past failure may be overlooked or if not totally overlooked, looked upon with less emphasis? I would like to aim for a 4.0 post-bac.
I really want to do this and have decided I have nothing to lose but to try.
Is there anyone out there who have overcome similar circumstances to reach success? Is there anyone out there, who, like me is about to begin this journey facing similar circumstances? I would love any advice/suggestions anyone out there can give to someone like me to help me to be a successful, more desirable and competitive applicant by 2006?

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