Quick advice. Which should I purchase..Please advise.


Here is my situation. I have a Stedmans 26th edition medical dictionary, but no Tabers. I want a upgraded medical dictionary source. Should I:

A) Purchase a new medical dictionary? Please recommend one. I seen one at the medical book store for $100.00 it was NOT a Stedmans, looked more detailed, since it was about twice as much as a Stedmans. Also should mention that this one for $100.00 was shrink wrapped, so I was unable to glance at the contents of its pages. Unlike the Stedmans, which were not wrapped. The Stedman I own is almost ten years old…LOL


B) Purchase a Tabers?

I am going to the book store in the morning. So any advice would be great. Thanks for the input!!!


Online medication Dictionary for Free


neither is that useful and neither is essential. Google is your friend. (“Ask Dr. Google” is a favorite phrase of one of my faculty.) Save your money!

I would agree with Mary. I have both a Taber’s and a Stedman. . . . they sit in my bookcase untouched 99% of the time. Sir Google is much better!

Of the $1000 or so worth of books I’ve bought so far, the one I’ve least used is the medical dictionary. So little, as a matter of fact, that it is still in its shrink-wrap.

I wonder why it was even included in our ‘mandatory’ references.

Wow…Thanks guys. I had no clue. I appreciate the helpfulness! On a side note, it’s -13 here in Michigna, I hope where ever you are that everyone stays warm! Thanks again for the help!!!

I never used my medical dictionary when I was in nursing school, now we have internet and a plethora of good sites. I can top that weather temp! It is currently -21 degrees with a lovely windchill of -32 degrees in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Three days of this so far. By sunday it will be ZERO! Yay heat wave!


I have a Taber’s sitting on my desk; I look in it about once a week or so. Frankly I just have it there to keep me from using the computer because as an official addict, I will get sucked into checking my email, chatboards, stock quotes, etc.

I also have a Stedman’s on my Palm handheld and I do find it useful when checking a term on the go.

I notice that both Taber’s and Stedman’s are available in the latest edition for $39.95 on Amazon, and if you want a 2005 edition it’s more like $30.

But if a 'puter is handy you’re probably best off with google and wikipedia plus pubmed, answers.com, yahoo!answers, etc. etc. etc.

P.S. It’s 69 here in Phoenix, warm and sunny. The birds are singing, my wife and daughter are off to an outdoor festival, and I’m stuck here studying the compartments of the leg Too bad it’s not -7. Well, almost too bad!

Lol! Arizona is great, I have family that live in Lake Havasu…right on the inland canal, talk about scenic and tranquially!! I also have a favorite Senator there too…Enjoy the beautiful weather…

Last night I was on my way to the dining room cruising past our book shelf and I notice on the shelf a brand new not even opened Tabers. Apparently it was a required book for the program that my boyfriend is going through. Hopefully his required books will keep me in supplies!

Which edition did he get? I was just given the 21st edition that just came out. Unfortunately the website needs to catch up so I can use it on my windows mobile free for a year…