Quick! Pull out your textbooks!

I need a source for my paper Hahahaha!

It’s not in any books i have here and I’ve been way too busy to be able to stay after classes to get to the library and we aren’t allowed to use the internet as a source.

I need to explain why the pH of one of the test subjects in our lab was a straight 7.0 in spite of ingesting 4g of NaCl. Well, the subject chugged a boat load of caffeine that morning! So I know caffeine inhibits ADH, but I don’t have a source to be able to quote it with.

I called my D.O. friend and told her to look it up in one of her old books. She told me she hated me for making her do homework. I said “you lie, you love me!”

So, just in case she doesn’t find a honest to god book I can use as a source…someone hunt for me ok? Hahaha. I need bibliographic info here!

My endocrinology text references caffeine as inhibiting cAMP- and cGMP- dependent phosphodiesterase activity. No direct connections to ADH inhibition, although I do remember learning about that.

Book is Endocrinology, 6th ed (2007) Hadley & Levine

I found one in the “Texbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine”

Which cracked me up since it was discussing bedwetting and caffeine. How pediatric bedwetting is an emergency though, I have no idea.

I had my pediatrician looking for me too in all her old text books, but she couldn’t find it. I stumbled upon this one.

Thanks though catherineL!

NaCl? Salt?

This is the pH of somebody’s urine, or… ?

Yup NaCl…good ole salt.

We had two groups. One chugged 500 mL of water, the other the same amount of water with 4 grams of salt. Then we peed every half hour for two hours lol.

The salt group should have started acidic, and gotten more basic. I however started at 7.0 and stayed there the entire time.

However, I also chugged a large sweet tea and medium orange juice that morning too.

Haha, what a fun lab!

  • catherineL Said:
Haha, what a fun lab!

Sure sure, you say that now until you realize that we all shared the same cylinders, and test tubes and other measuring tubes with only tissues and water to clean between uses. There were so many puddles all over that room by the end I was afraid to walk anywhere...and the luctrative box of latex free gloves I need was no where to be found.