My alma mater kicked butt last night!!!

Rutgers comes back from a 13 point deficit in the 3rd to beat #3 Loiuisville 28-25 staying unbeaten to 9-0!!!

Go Rutgers RAH!!!

I just noticed that they’re up to 13 now in the BCS rankings. How many games they have left? It’d be cool to see them in a bowl game…


They are still in the running for A bowl game. Even after the loss to cinci, they have to play syracuse this weekend. However, there has been talk of Rutgers going to the Orange Bowl.

Who knows. I am psyched about this year. Go R.U.

And RU goes 10-1 with a huge win over Syracuse!!! 1 win away from a Big East Championship and from goint to the BCS.

Go Knights!!!

Bring on the Hokies!!!

  • gabelerman Said:
Bring on the Hokies!!!

Gabe!!!!! A HOKIE is NOT a Mountaineer!


faithful -- make that rabid -- Virginia Tech fan and Hokie wife & mom, shuddering at being mistaken for WVU (no offense, Linda!)

Sorry Mary. Us Yanks get them mixed up. See you on the football field.

triple OT, lost by 2 points. What a game. Well, I guess its off to Texas for the Texas Bowl.