RA experience as clinical experience?

I watched the med school HQ video on caretaking for relatives as counting for clinical experience, but I am wondering if certain aspects of the RA (Resident Assistant) job count as well, even though it is not initially often thought of as standard clinical experience. I have been an RA in college for the past 3 years, and this has increased my interest in pursuing a medical career path because I see (almost daily) a plethora of student health issues that take a huge variety of forms. I have been trained in and helped students in crisis situations (suicide, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, family problems, sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, etc.) with a particular emphasis in mental health. Helping students in their daily lives with mental health issues (and more) has led to my interest in psychiatry. What is the best way to include this experience in my med school application? Does it count as clinical experience, and if so, should I break it up into clinical experience around student health and activity experience around social dynamics/time management/working with a variety of people/organizing events/etc.?

I would not count being an RA as clinical experience.