Hello everyone:
For those of you who’ve been around since the days of the listserv (ancient history now), I’m one of the moderators and I apologise for having been AWOL for the past year. For those of you who are newbies, I’ve been involved in the premed process for about 6 years now. I’ve completed all my required coursework, done the MCAT (3 times), and applied through two application cycles. I may be the very oldest OPMer at 52, but I’d welcome anyone else to claim that honor! I work as a psychotherapist in a Denver hospital and I’m co-author of a book on somatization (hopefully to be published fairly soon). I’m married with two Labrador Retrievers and a cat. I’d be more than happy to commisserate with anyone going through the application process, though I’m hardly an expert, just a veteran. I’m planning on being at the convention, so I’ll see you there, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Bill!!! OMG how great to “hear your voice!” And very exciting to hear that you’ll be at the convention. Yay. It will be great to meet you in person; I certainly do remember your wonderful contributions to OPM back in the day. It’ll be good to catch up. See ya soon,

Welcome back Wild Bill! Looking forward to seeing you in Denver. Been what…3 years since we met?