Re-submitting a Letter of Rec?

One of the DO schools I applied to just sent me an email saying that the physician who wrote my letter for Rec did not sign the letter and my file won’t be considered complete until I get them a signed copy. Loooooong story short, I figured out how to have the physician re-submit the letter through AACOMAS, so all of my DO schools will get the updated letter.

Here’s my question: I can’t tell from AMCAS/the various MD school websites whether they care about the letter not being signed. (At least one school clearly didn’t because they sent me an interview invite already.) So, do I:

a) Contact schools individually to see if they want a new letter (I mean, maybe they’re just sitting on my app but haven’t told me)

b) Just go ahead and have my physician re-submit through AMCAS too ( I feel bad because she’s already going way above and beyond in re-submitting now)

c) Figure that since other schools haven’t contacted me to say it’s incomplete they are ok with the letter as is

d) Some other option I’m not thinking of yet.

Thanks for any insight you have!


The safe bet is having it resubmitted to AMCAS. To me a letter isn’t valid unless it’s signed (I get that signatures don’t mean much in all reality). It’s kind of on the writer for having not signed it to begin with… I’ll bet other schools see it the same as the DO school, and there really is no reason to possibly delay your app over something that is pretty easily corrected.

As far as the interview invite goes, they may or may not have looked at the LORs. It could just be included in your package to the interviewer/selection committee. Every school does things differently, so it’s possible that one invites without reading letters.

But congrats on the interview!